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- B.A.M.S.(Ayurveda)

- M.D.(Ayurveda Vachaspati)

- D.E.M.S (Ruby Hall)

- C.S.V.D.(Skin-Pune)

- C.A.D.(Skin)


Founder & CEO of Anushastram™

Our Orgnization "ANUSHASTRAM™" is ISO Certifide and we are organizing courses of Agnikarma and Viddhakarma for PG, UG Students, Doctors and Practitioners Since last 4 Years.


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Ayurved Practice : Pure Ayurvedic Practice, Panchkarma Practic, Since 15 Years at Uruli Kanchan, Pune

Practice Speciality : Agnikarma, Viddhakarma, Raktamokshan, Ksharkarma, In Vatvyadhi, Manas Rog, Neurological Disorders & Various Skin Diseases

Professional Experience :Since 2009 - Till Date

Research : Dissertation for M.D.( Sharir Kriya) titled "Critical Study of Kapha Dosha Guna w.s.r. to Varients in Brihattrayiee

Webinars on Agnikarma & Viddhakarma : Till time 1500+ Satisfied and Successful Students – Doctors Trained

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- B.A.M.S.(Ayurveda)

- PGDYA(Yoga - Pune)

- PGDCC(Cosmetology)

- PGDMT(Dermatology)

- PGDLT(Laser)

- PGDOM(Obesity)


Co-Founder & MD of Anushastram™

Ayurveda is a passion & religion for her. Vrushali A. Bansode is a devoted Ayurveda Physician, Researcher with his 12+ years experience of successful ayurvedic practice.


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She is a master in Udar Parikshan(Abdominal Examination) i. e. the unique ayurvedic Diagnostic Procedure. Speciality in Gynacological Disorder.

Professional Experience : Since 2012 to Till Date, She has treated variety of cases and over the experience. She has now many successful ayurvedic formulations.

Practic Speciality : Speciality In Ayurvedic Dermatology, Speciality In Cosmetology, Speciality In Trichology, Speciality In Laser Therapy.

Ayurved Practic : Pure Ayurvedic Practice, Panchkarma Practic, Since 12 Years at Uruli Kanchan, Pune

Ayurved Medicine : Many herbal specialty formulations are prepared at her Clinic to ensure the quality and authenticity for clinical success.

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Our Articles Published

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'Guna Vichara' published by Ayurvidya Magazine. Pune
Article 2
'Kapha Dosha' published by Swasthayan Magazine, Pune.
Article 3
‘Jivha Mul – Vidhha Karma’ by Srujan Chikitsa Magazine, Pune
Article 4
‘Mukh Gat Vidhha Karma’ In Late Vd. P.T. Joshi Sir Smruti Visheshank Magazine, Dhule