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What is Viddhakarma

Lets Learn About Viddhakarma....

Viddhakarma is the ancient Indian practice of inserting needles in specific points on the body to free avarodhit Vata & Rakta thus help in reducing the pain. The piercing leads to painful mechanical stimulus which causes release of endorphins thereby, causing immediate pain relief

Definition of Viddhakarma
Also known as Vedhan is one of the Eight Shastrakarma (surgical measures) mentioned in Sushrut Samhita. This is a sterile procedure which includes piercing the points with special hollow needles considering the anatomy of Marma (vital points) as per Ayurveda.
Viddhakarma Techniques
Viddhakarma is a small form of Raktamokshan in Ayurveda. It has been a revolutionary ayurved technique these days in getting result faster in each patient. We use Viddhakram to treat many diseases.
Why Viddhakarma
1. It is simple and safe, 2. Drugless Therapy, 3. Effective results in 1/2/3/4 sittings, 4. Totally Indian ancient therapy
Viddhakarma Use In
1. Teenis elbow, 2. Neck Pain

3. Back Pain, 4. Knee Pain

5. Heal Pain, 6. उदर (जातोदकावस्था)

7. मूत्रवृद्धी (Hydrocele), 8. Hip Pain

9. Trigger Pain, 10. T M Neuralgia

11. Planter fasciitis

12. परिवर्तिका (Paraphimosis)

13. Sciatica, 14. Frozen shoulder

15. Ligament Injury, 16. Fibromyalgia

17. Sinus / Migraine

18. Sprains and strains, 19. श्वास

20. ज्वर, 21. Abdomen Pain

22. Osteoarthritis

23. Bursitis/Tendinitis, 24. वातरक्त

25. गृंध्रसी , 26. Rotator cuff tendon

27. Renal Colic Pain, 28. विश्वाची

29. खालीत्य, 30. इंद्रलुप्त

31. For New Hair Grow

32. Dental pain, 33. Dental carries

34. Slutter Speech, 35. ENT Disease

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